That special neighbor….


Neighbor…..this word brings so many memories…..For me, it’s all about sharing your life and relationship with a person or a group of people to whom you trust…!!! It’s all about sharing your emotions with other whom you trust. Trust is very important…when you say that you trust someone…that means there is a very special bonding between you…. The birth of neighbor start within our own emotions…..

actually emotions cannot be dominated by rules. Everyone needs a true neighbor to discuss all their positive and negative emotions.

Whenever our mind experiencing something special , we need to expand our experience by sharing with others, that others can be a family, a friend or even someone closer…more special….

neigh 1

In the journey of sharing your emotions….your neighbor would become your family….by expressing the very strong emotion called love!!! Actually love is very basic emotion and one should draw it with respect and without being scared of getting hurt and the purpose should not be to hurt someone.

There are many of us who found our family in neighbor but very few of us would be lucky to get a chance to transform this journey. The neighboring relationships always starts with a smile, grows with sharing everything and completes with the sweet sound of silent understanding…..

So for me….my hubby was that special neighbor….with whom I share everything…and we have created our strong understanding and living as a happy family now….

So don’t wait for the opportunity….go and find out your special neighbor…..!!!