Want to feel myself…want to feel the creator…

mountains 2

I want to feel the creator, I want to feel myself..,
I want to travel the whole world,I want to go on a road trip.

I want to stop at random places, I want to explore their beauty.
I want to run through the woods, I want to chase the butterfly.

I want to talk to the new people,I want to feel their cultures and lifestyles,
I want to listen to their stories, I want to feel that sunshine.

I want to enjoy every sunrise and every sunset…,
sometimes from the hilltop and sometimes behind the tress.
I want to write a poem about….,
the coldest, cloud bounded mountains and all the oceans.

I want to spend hours beside a rushing river,I want to feel the wind in my hair,
I want to listen the secrets hidden in the waves.

I want to cross my boundaries, I want to admire nature,
I want to wonder at the magic of its creation.

I want to make memories, I want to feel alive,
I want to feel myself, I want to feel the creator.


light of the Sun

Makarsankranti is one of the biggest festival celebrated in India. Specially in Gujarat.

It is the festival of kites….weather feels breeze of wind…environment is full of happiness.  The sky takes on shades of orange during sunset , and gives us a hope that the sun will rise again …kites are like our dreams..which are thrown into the sky…by not knowing whether it will come back or its just starting of new life…..

Happy sankranti to all….



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