Always wants to be pampered……….

I don’t know when I become matured girl from a papa’s pampered girl,
I still remember how crazy I was to get your attention and how I enjoyed it!!!!
I still remember that extra care and love you showered on me every time,
You were always there for me, being my support like a huge and strong tree,
I never worried because I simply know that there was a man who can do anything for my small happiness, you have always made your best to make me happy…, you have given up all your life and had so much of sleepless night just thinking about how could you give me that extra care, extra love…..for that extra things for me, you have left all your dream behind…..and today what I am just because you pampered me a lot…..You have done so much things for me……its countless

chigu 2
Today, I feel all your sacrifices and all your extra support you had given to me,
Today I understand how much I have hurt you….and why you always has showered your blessings and love on me…… You made me realized that parents love is unconditional.
I promised myself that now I will stop calling you for every here and there situations…. Now I don’t want that extra care and extra love…..
Because now I understand how much extra pain I have given to you in my ignorance to get your extra love and care….to get me pampered…..
The reason behind this is……now I have a little angel enjoying that extra care and love in my lap….
Now I have a daughter to pamper …..To give her all the happiness and take all her miseries….


Now I understand, how hard is to be a parent of a child…
The toughest job in the world is to be a parent of a child,
Being a parent I by nature learned one thing,
How to leave behind all your dreams and needs happily,
How to leave behind all your routines and priorities without any regrets…
I am the happiest person now because by leaving everything behind…when I give that pampered hand to my princess…..her smile makes me forget about everything and I feel like it is the greatest achievement of my life but still I want to be your princess and I always wants to be pampered by you…. Love you…!!!!!!