Me and not the World….


I am scared of the dream, not the real,
I am scared of the memory, not the moments,
I am scared of the truth, not the lie,
I am scared of the life, not the death.

I am scared of the mind, not the people,
I am scared of the the silence, not the storm,
I am scared of the the question, not the answer,
I am scared of the of the reason, not the result.

I am scared of the start, not the end,
I am scared of the known, not the strangers,
I am scared of the love, not the hate,
I am scared of the me, not the world.

Loophole in my heart….

When you were not there…I was alone…
A book without a title but having thousands of pages….
Nobody wants to read it….

You came into my life….
With your flawless love, you gave title to my book…
Now pages are full of our stories….
Now people started reading it….
And we are just filing the pages with the ink of our love….

Now you are my life… are the waves of my ocean and
Throbbing like a beat in my heart….

But one day…you leave me…
you leave me with the footprints of your memories in my heart….
You snatched away the title of my book…..
The live from my life….
I don’t know the reason…..

But still my book is open….
I can see the stories of our love from the loopholes of the pages….
I can feel the loophole in my heart….it will remain forever….


Some Jolly times……

jolly 2

What else we want from a life….some jolly times…
And want to thank our life….!!!!

A cup of coffee….drizzling outside…
And a loving friend….!!!! What else we want from a life…..

A long drive on a never ending road…
Accompanied by a jolly song…!!!!
What else we want from a life….

A delightful evening….
A loving book…and just want to forget about the world….!!!
What else we want from a life….

A loving company…
A favorite taste…and a tasty food…..!!!!
What else we want from a life….

jolly 1

Faith over the years….
A favorite prayer…and a temple….!!!!
What else we want from a life….

Want to cherish my live in the presence of people whom we love…
And celebrate every emotions of our live…!!!
What else we want from a life….

A theater….popcorn in hands…
Watching my favorite superstar…!!!
What else we want from a life….

Celebrating favorite festival…with people we love…
Exchange of sweets …..With happy gestures…!!!
What else we want from a life….


You have given me everything…..still daily I am asking for irrelevant things….
Many a times I have complained about my empty pockets of my shirt…
But I have never thanked you for the heart beats you have given me,
Which beats behind that pocket…..!!!!

After a long run …gasping very fast …..
And if I can listen to my heart beats….
I want to thank you my life for everything given to me….!!!!!!!!!!


I am just a wife and I faint…


Whenever I am managing household expenses….
I makes me feel like I am ruling a state…..

Whenever I am cooking in the Kitchen….
It makes me feel like I am the best chef in the world…

Whenever I am taking care of unwell in my family,
It makes me feel like I am the best doctor….

Whenever I am helping my kids with their studies,
It makes me feel like I am the best teacher…

Whenever I am helping my kids with drawings and crafts,
It makes me feel like I am the best artist…..

Whenever I am write down my heart on the paper….
It makes me feel like I am the best writer….

But whenever my husband came in front of me….
It makes me feel like I am only a Wife and nothing else…..
And suddenly all the tags which I have given to myself get faint…


Don’t forget to Express yourself….


In our day to day life….we are facing so many problems and we express our self differently….
In expressing ourselves, we forget to live our life….all depend upon how you tackle with the challenges in your life….is something missing in your life???How would you discover it???What problems would you face???How would you reacts to those problems???

1. Something was missing:

She annoyingly said, ‘This isn’t going anywhere’. My best friend said, ‘if I had been with you, sambhal leta yaar tere ko’. When I stepped into the corporate life, I have to earn courage to say goodbye to my father. I was told, ‘You have to walk alone. Be a man and manage yourself’. Then I realized that during the tough times, nobody stays. I had to take care of it all alone.

mital 2

Every day, People step into our lives, some will inspire and some will disappoint us. But, in either case, nothing lasts forever, and at the end, we are left all alone. But how do I walk alone amidst all the dust and troubles? I definitely need a companion, a friend who would be honest and never betray me. But I also need someone who would keep me busy and cheerful all the time, challenge me, and tell me to aspire and rise above all.

2. Discovered a friend in me myself:

‘The show must go on’, I keep telling myself, ‘no matter what I have to deal with’. I did what I liked to do. Anything and everything that kept me elated and busy. There were times I ran hard, when I was hurt. I lifted heavy, when I was dusted. I sang out loud, to speak out my heart. By doing so, I felt content which is extremely hard to be quantified in words. It was a kind of epiphany when I felt like doing what I loved to do. It really helped me. I thought about the sweet indulgences that kept me involved and rewarded me. This eased my heart and the more I did, I start feeling better. In addition, this indulgence, never asked anything in return. Astonishingly, how something can be so selfless, and so giving. I found a friend, I found my passion, my hobby . . . !! !

mital 4

3. Road blocks:

One question loomed over me: how to keep it going, so that we could nurture the friendship, make it even better?
Believe me, this friend of mine is really moody and stubborn. You really have to earn this friend. We always face challenges. Physically, mentally, sometimes socially as well.
I remember that fine evening, I loved the tiredness that I felt. It was like I had pushed myself to the limit. That feeling of contentment so overwhelming, so overpowering that it almost felt like an intoxicant. Hell, why ‘almost’? It did feel intoxicating. ‘Whom should I call to share this achievement of mine? My mind raced. ‘Okay, let me call Dad.’

‘Hi, Dad. So, I completed 31 rounds of the ground today. And you know what? Each lap measured 450 meters.’ With a tiniest hint of pride in my voice, I continued, ‘I got cramps, but it doesn’t matter!’ After an awkward pause, ‘Is this really necessary? Why do you keep dragging yourself for no reason?’ Did I feel disappointed? Yeah, sure. I mean, I would be lying if I didn’t. I hung up. Wasn’t Dad’s fault really. Different people, different expectations and this holds true for many parents. And hey! It’s absolutely normal.

mital 3

When I was a kid, I was told repeatedly, you will have to study hard to be an engineer, doctor or something that would make sure, you get your steady supply of bread and butter. What fascinated me, was cricket. Surprisingly, nobody considered this as a career option. Not everyone would like what you do! Sometimes, we feel a bit reluctant to work hard and sweat it out, may it be in the gym or on the ground. The important thing, and honestly the only thing that matters is, there has to be a sincere approach to whatever you do. That should be your only source of motivation. And once when you are on the right track, the reward will be yours to take.

Jordan Belfort once said, ‘The only thing between you and your goal is, the silly reason that you keep giving yourself why you can’t do it’. Attitude plays a pivotal role. Just hang on to it and the rest will fall in place. As they say, patience is the mother of all virtues.

4. It’s all gold, come on, chase it:

During my school days, I ‘tried to study hard’ as I had to, but it didn’t come to me naturally. This thing used to bog me down, and somewhere in my mind lurked the insecure thought, ‘I am not the best’. “People who top the class are born toppers and they are gifted”. But when I excelled (and was appreciated) in things I was good at, my spirits soared high. I chased it harder, since I liked it. It intrigued me time and time again, that the only person to whom I needed to prove, was myself. As a result of which, I started competing with myself and improved to a certain extent. I learnt to never doubt my own capabilities and kept on trying, as trying always yields. This attitude helped me in my studies, and in every other thing where self-doubt used to plague me. Earlier, I used to give up thinking that this isn’t my cup of tea. For me, the attitude that I developed was glittering gold.

When it comes to attitude, I remember what Harsha Bhogle once said, ‘Major part of excellence has nothing to do with talent, and when you go beyond a certain level, ability or talent is the most useless virtue to possess. It’s’’ what you do with the talent that matters. Talent always breathes ego. The work ethic and attitude plays a vital role.’

The best example he cited was of Sachin Tendulkar, who had played 55 matches as a 14 year old, without a break. For 55 days, he practiced for 2 hours, played a game and then again practiced for 2 hours. Can you believe that someone has done this for 55 days at a stretch? If the deciding factor here isn’t attitude, I seriously don’t know what it is!! It’s not only Sachin’s talent that has produced these 100 hundreds, it’s his work ethics, attitude and more than anything else, the passion to perform. Isn’t it inspiring!! When you perform or play a sport, you cannot hide yourself. You have to bring the best in you, as you are completely vulnerable before the crowd. To top it off, it’s real time!! Such situations bring out the real you, something you thought you never were.


So, in pursuing this life, we have lost it all. We have lost that spark which we had in us. Which would have yielded bigger rewards. We measure life in how much we earn and how much we have to spend. This thought of savings and spending is paralyzing, and honestly, where is it all headed to? But it’s never late. If you have that mettle in you, then go chase it and bring it out. Send the message out, clear and loud, that I rule my life and I know how to celebrate and make it worthwhile.


Risk Ahead….!!!

risky 2

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even it is very risky to breathe outside…..
It may cost my health…..Mr. Pollution is there…..

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even it is very risky to drive a vehicle…..
It may cost my life….Mr. Accident is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to board a train….
It may cost my life……Mr. Terrorist is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to be alone and wear clothes of your choice….
It may cost my reputation….Mr. Rapist is there…..

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to speak a single word at my wish…..
It may cost so many eyes looking at me…..Mr. Human Right is there…..

risky 3

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even to do studies, go to schools and colleges,
It may cost my career…..Mr. Racism is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to attain office…..
It may cost your Job….Mr. Politics is there…..

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to deal with government official….
It may cost all my money….Mr. Bribe is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to meet new people and being with them….
It may cost change of myself…..Mr. Double face is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to maintain a relationship….
It may cost my breakdown….Mr. Ego is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to be at home alone…..
It may cost you madness…..Mr. Thought is there…..

risky 1

World is very beautiful place to live with lots of risk….
But I am a human… I am fearless…..I am a warrior….
I don’t care about risks…..and enjoy my life by exploring the world….!!!!


Just for a day…Cheat yourself….


Just for a day,
Cheat your brain…and be loyal to your heart….

Just for a day,
Cheat your ego….and be loyal to your relations…

Just for a day,
Cheat your health……and be loyal to your diet….

Just for a day,
Cheat your surroundings….and be loyal to the nature…

Just for a day,
Cheat your commitments…..and be loyal to your desire….

Just for a day,
Cheat your winning….and be loyal to your defeat…

Just for a day,
Cheat your laugh….and be loyal to your tears….

Just for a day,
Cheat your maturity…and be loyal to your inner child….

Just for a day,
Cheat your time…and be loyal to your near ones….

Just for a day,
Cheat your colleagues and boss…..and be loyal to your old friends….

Just for a day,
Cheat your journey….and be loyal to your paths….


Just for a day,
Cheat yourself…..and be loyal to your soul…..

Just for a day,
Cheat your life….and be loyal to your death…!!!


10 Powerful Frauds….

cancer 11

Again we prove that we are super humans…..we can cheat anyone in this world….

Humans are the big fraud……and this time believe me you all will like this fraud…., you all will applaud for this fraud….you all will learn fighting spirit from this fraud……you all would like to salute these people …..these people cheated life…….and it’s their big achievement in world.

1. Sophia Anagnostou

2. Vicky Davis

3. Chrissy Dunn

4. Julie Genovesi

5. Aubrey Glencamp

6. Jane Johnson

7. Manbachi

8. Ravinia Miles

9. Shannon Miller

10. Michael Veltri

All these are the super warrior ….they all are cancer survivor…..they are the big frauds …..they all know what they want from their life….and with their boldness and firm determination….they achieved it….

Source : 10 Super survivor story…


Two sides of Interest… and lost….

How interesting my life is when I see you,

I feel that there is a special room for love in my life.

You give me everything, love, happiness, real reason to live my life,

We have share every path of our life happily….

and how many storms we have faced, we are always together,

at every phase of our life ….in every situations, we have become profound,

with the passing time….when you became my obsession ….I don’t know,

one day you leave me…….the reason behind it—that

I have never understand you….

I have never care for your feelings,

I know you have try to make me understand,

But it’s too late and I am not worth your forgiveness,

I remember that at each step of our relationship,

You were so selfless and I became so selfish,

You have live our relationship…..and I have ruined it,

Now I realized what I have lost in my life,

You take away my life from me….

I can say…..I have lost my life….I am a living dead…

I have lost interest in my life….



There is no word like Popular…

popular 5

“People are popular for being popular and for nothing else,
It will never last for a long and they are nothing again…”

popular 3

The Screen fell down,
Someone had laughed, someone had cried,
Someone become popular whereas some remain obscure,
The eyes had closed and shrouded the cuffs,
It was a nice play and the screen fell down,
And I reach the place where there is no word like popular….

popular 1

“Life is not about being popular,
It is all about being real, and touch the lives of others”

popular 4


4 stages of never ending circle of life….

circle 3

In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna had told Arjuna that our soul has to pass through 84,00,00,00 species in order to get a human body to live. Karma is considered to be so important in life — the amount of good deed you will do in life will decide what form of life you will be gifted in your next birth.

Since the birth till the end of our life…..that is graveyard….we are occupied with the series of Karmas…which I think would be the 5 stages of never ending circle of life. Even better I can say it like since the birth we are occupied with the chain of Karmas and rituals …..In the race of karma….even if a human is lying on the verge of death……but his needs and goals will always be immortal. Our life is a vicious circle of needs and expectations.

1. Childhood :
In today’s world, most of the children are under the stress of studies and expectations of outer world.
You might be wondering:
Everything is predefined by their parents and the outer world….What to wear, how to behave, what to eat, how to eat, when to sleep, what to play, whom to talk, even which subject they have to pursue… there is no word like child’s own wish…..everything will be controlled by parents and sometimes with the burden of control, child would be out of control ,by the time the child attains an adulthood, he already has become a warrior and ready to fight with the outer world. Is that a price which a child has to pay in the name of Karma!!!???

2. Adulthood :
In this stage of life, a person tries to keep balance between his career and getting settled down in life. To achieve his goals in his professional life ……he tries everything from hard work to no family life, politics to buttering his superiors….but at the end …his goals remains unsatisfied. Human tendency is always to look into others life and believe that their life is more happy than their and in doing this they forget to enjoy their own life. At the end, they fail to satisfy themselves, this continues to go on and they forget to enjoy their adulthood.

circle 4

3. Parenthood :

The most challenging and happiest stage of a person is Parenthood. In this stage a person enjoys mix feelings, sometimes parents feel that they have make a wrong decision of being parent and most of the time they enjoy with their child by regenerating their own childhood. But in today’s life it is very difficult to make balance between career and child’s upbringing. Sometimes parents fails to give some quality time to their child which psychological affects the child.

circle 2

4. Elder- hood :

In this stage , a person is more or less retired by most of his responsibilities and now he thinks that he could try to attain all his dreams which he could not have enjoyed because of his karma responsibilities in the previous stages. But due to extra stress which he had suffered from attaining the goals of previous stages, his body is not supporting him. Now he is caged by so many health issues so that he can no eat what he wants to eat, he cannot, climb the mountains, travel, some of his friends are not there to accompany him….so more or less he be alone at this stage and thinks about what he has achieved in life and this states that he is still not satisfied with the life.

circle 5

So this is the never ending circle of life. We all are caged in the act of Karma and in achieving that we forget to live our life and at the end when we have nothing, we think what the purpose of our life…is!!!!! And what we have achieved …but it does not that life is miserable, live your life at fullest, enjoy every second of your life…..don’t wait to celebrate big moments…..enjoy every small moments with your loved one….your family and friends… that ….at the end ….you never regret about your life.