Don’t forget to Express yourself….


In our day to day life….we are facing so many problems and we express our self differently….
In expressing ourselves, we forget to live our life….all depend upon how you tackle with the challenges in your life….is something missing in your life???How would you discover it???What problems would you face???How would you reacts to those problems???

1. Something was missing:

She annoyingly said, ‘This isn’t going anywhere’. My best friend said, ‘if I had been with you, sambhal leta yaar tere ko’. When I stepped into the corporate life, I have to earn courage to say goodbye to my father. I was told, ‘You have to walk alone. Be a man and manage yourself’. Then I realized that during the tough times, nobody stays. I had to take care of it all alone.

mital 2

Every day, People step into our lives, some will inspire and some will disappoint us. But, in either case, nothing lasts forever, and at the end, we are left all alone. But how do I walk alone amidst all the dust and troubles? I definitely need a companion, a friend who would be honest and never betray me. But I also need someone who would keep me busy and cheerful all the time, challenge me, and tell me to aspire and rise above all.

2. Discovered a friend in me myself:

‘The show must go on’, I keep telling myself, ‘no matter what I have to deal with’. I did what I liked to do. Anything and everything that kept me elated and busy. There were times I ran hard, when I was hurt. I lifted heavy, when I was dusted. I sang out loud, to speak out my heart. By doing so, I felt content which is extremely hard to be quantified in words. It was a kind of epiphany when I felt like doing what I loved to do. It really helped me. I thought about the sweet indulgences that kept me involved and rewarded me. This eased my heart and the more I did, I start feeling better. In addition, this indulgence, never asked anything in return. Astonishingly, how something can be so selfless, and so giving. I found a friend, I found my passion, my hobby . . . !! !

mital 4

3. Road blocks:

One question loomed over me: how to keep it going, so that we could nurture the friendship, make it even better?
Believe me, this friend of mine is really moody and stubborn. You really have to earn this friend. We always face challenges. Physically, mentally, sometimes socially as well.
I remember that fine evening, I loved the tiredness that I felt. It was like I had pushed myself to the limit. That feeling of contentment so overwhelming, so overpowering that it almost felt like an intoxicant. Hell, why ‘almost’? It did feel intoxicating. ‘Whom should I call to share this achievement of mine? My mind raced. ‘Okay, let me call Dad.’

‘Hi, Dad. So, I completed 31 rounds of the ground today. And you know what? Each lap measured 450 meters.’ With a tiniest hint of pride in my voice, I continued, ‘I got cramps, but it doesn’t matter!’ After an awkward pause, ‘Is this really necessary? Why do you keep dragging yourself for no reason?’ Did I feel disappointed? Yeah, sure. I mean, I would be lying if I didn’t. I hung up. Wasn’t Dad’s fault really. Different people, different expectations and this holds true for many parents. And hey! It’s absolutely normal.

mital 3

When I was a kid, I was told repeatedly, you will have to study hard to be an engineer, doctor or something that would make sure, you get your steady supply of bread and butter. What fascinated me, was cricket. Surprisingly, nobody considered this as a career option. Not everyone would like what you do! Sometimes, we feel a bit reluctant to work hard and sweat it out, may it be in the gym or on the ground. The important thing, and honestly the only thing that matters is, there has to be a sincere approach to whatever you do. That should be your only source of motivation. And once when you are on the right track, the reward will be yours to take.

Jordan Belfort once said, ‘The only thing between you and your goal is, the silly reason that you keep giving yourself why you can’t do it’. Attitude plays a pivotal role. Just hang on to it and the rest will fall in place. As they say, patience is the mother of all virtues.

4. It’s all gold, come on, chase it:

During my school days, I ‘tried to study hard’ as I had to, but it didn’t come to me naturally. This thing used to bog me down, and somewhere in my mind lurked the insecure thought, ‘I am not the best’. “People who top the class are born toppers and they are gifted”. But when I excelled (and was appreciated) in things I was good at, my spirits soared high. I chased it harder, since I liked it. It intrigued me time and time again, that the only person to whom I needed to prove, was myself. As a result of which, I started competing with myself and improved to a certain extent. I learnt to never doubt my own capabilities and kept on trying, as trying always yields. This attitude helped me in my studies, and in every other thing where self-doubt used to plague me. Earlier, I used to give up thinking that this isn’t my cup of tea. For me, the attitude that I developed was glittering gold.

When it comes to attitude, I remember what Harsha Bhogle once said, ‘Major part of excellence has nothing to do with talent, and when you go beyond a certain level, ability or talent is the most useless virtue to possess. It’s’’ what you do with the talent that matters. Talent always breathes ego. The work ethic and attitude plays a vital role.’

The best example he cited was of Sachin Tendulkar, who had played 55 matches as a 14 year old, without a break. For 55 days, he practiced for 2 hours, played a game and then again practiced for 2 hours. Can you believe that someone has done this for 55 days at a stretch? If the deciding factor here isn’t attitude, I seriously don’t know what it is!! It’s not only Sachin’s talent that has produced these 100 hundreds, it’s his work ethics, attitude and more than anything else, the passion to perform. Isn’t it inspiring!! When you perform or play a sport, you cannot hide yourself. You have to bring the best in you, as you are completely vulnerable before the crowd. To top it off, it’s real time!! Such situations bring out the real you, something you thought you never were.


So, in pursuing this life, we have lost it all. We have lost that spark which we had in us. Which would have yielded bigger rewards. We measure life in how much we earn and how much we have to spend. This thought of savings and spending is paralyzing, and honestly, where is it all headed to? But it’s never late. If you have that mettle in you, then go chase it and bring it out. Send the message out, clear and loud, that I rule my life and I know how to celebrate and make it worthwhile.


Priceless Olympic Gold after partition….1948 Gold Story

We have completed 70 years of independence with lots of ups and downs. Today, India is a leading economy across the globe with the phenomenon actors, actresses, doctors, engineers, sports person…in every field India is on high peak. But ever since we thought how people suffered after independence or better I use the word after partition. Yes, India get the biggest gift of Independence as “Partition.” “The Partition of the country gave birth to the dominion of Pakistan, a new homeland for Indian Muslims.


Partition of India is one of the most violent and tragic events in recent history and saw massive migration across the border. Indian Muslims left for their new homeland Pakistan, while Hindus and Sikhs left, now a day’s Pakistan for India. Partition resulted in gruesome riots, killings, abductions and rapes. Trains full of butchered bodies crossed the newly drawn Red-cliff line, which has divided both the countries. Lots of people fled from their homes, leaving behind their possessions in fear of communal violence. Ten million people travelled miles on foot, bullock cart and train towards their newly promised homes.Pakistan Remembering Partition

It all shattered. We can’t even imagine from which era the people were suffering from. We can’t even say how much grid and torture they all have gone through. People were just bemoaning their luck.
imagesTime passes, and the day came…12th August, 1948. Which brings happiness. Indian hockey team won the Gold medal in summer Olympics, 1948 by defeated host country The Great Britain. Before that, in 1920 and 1936, India also won the medals, but not as a free nation. So officially, we can say India, as an Independent Nation won his first Olympic Gold on 12th August, 1948.
Many few of us know this. That winning brought back smiles on the faces of people, who were fighting with themselves to rebuild their lives after getting enough of partition time. This winning is very precious because after partition we, as an independent country had nothing with us than big cries and losses of near and dear ones. So our hockey team not only made the whole nation proud but also gift us a gold shine, new sunshine to live, to get proud, to be happy, to enjoy enough pride of being an Indian.
hockey 1During that time Mr. Naval Tata is the president of Indian Hockey Federation, who struggled a lot to gather a new team, with all new members and many of them were set to make their Olympic debut.

People were e accepting that India and Pakistan will play as a team in that Olympic but both the nations have decided to play as an individual country.
First time India was marching as an Independent country with Indian flag in the Wembley stadium, having crowd of around 20,000 people, with tying Turbans on their head as a dress code. Wasn’t it a really proud moment for all of us!!!?? I want to bring a small point in everyone’s eye that few of us know about this Olympic but all of us know about winning 1983 Cricket world cup. Isn’t it strange!!! I agree both winnings are a proud moment for us. Both are equally great. But 1948 was a very critical time and 1983 was a stable time for India. Many of us even didn’t know the names of our Hockey players. It is very hurtful say that We all know about Kapil Dev, and his team who won first Indian cricket world cup, but how many of us know Kishan Lal, and his team , who won first Olympic Gold in Hockey, as a free nation ???

In the Olympic League India beat Austria and Argentina, in which against Argentina, Balbir sing scored 6 goals and defeated Argentina by 9-1.

Quarterfinal was held against Spain. Again India won by 2-1. In the Semifinal, India beat Holland by 2-1.

Now speculations were going on about India-Pakistan Finale match, but Great Britain beat Pakistan in Semifinal and made its position in final match against India. On the final match of Hockey, 12 Aug., 1948, the weather was wet and little rain is going on, ground was very muddy, around 10,000 audience were present in the ground….but no one was able to stop the courage and willing of Indian Hokey team to win the Gold. Indian team beat the Britain team with great Co-ordination and intelligent position play. And India beat Britain by4-0…OMG!!! That winning has no expression… its priceless….think… Who ruined our life for 100 years, we beat them in just 70 minutes, won our pride back, and team of 8 members represented whole country and make the world know that we are India. We are super Indians.

After all these, the disturbing thing is , though Hockey is our national game, and being a national game, it also gave us a proud by winning Hockey World Cup (1975) and almost winning 9 Gold medal in Olympics (from 1927 to 1980), still in India, people only talking about one sport, playing only one sport, people are curious about only one sport, fame is limited to the people around that sport only….and the strange thing is the sport I am talking about is the national game of Great Britain….and after 170 years…we are still following their national game….!!!!!!!!!! I also like cricket, I am not against it, I just want know that why our whole country and sport eternity is around cricket only….????

In my opinion, 12th August would be celebrated as a big win every year. Whole India should know about our Hockey team and under how much stress they have played. Rather played very well. Each of the team member has different struggle and story to tell. But no one is interested about that glory and its value. Our education system should add lessons on the struggle of 1948 Hockey team so that our youth can learn how to fight and win the situations. Actually the whole Indian Hockey Team (1948) are considered to be our freedom fighter team and we should give similar respect to them as we are giving to our freedom fighters. Government would have to promote our national game and every Indian should know the story of our big win, the story which glorify India.

To justify this win and give respect to all team, team members and their struggle we should celebrate the day 12th august as Indian Hockey day.

Awaiting for your response.