light of the Sun

Makarsankranti is one of the biggest festival celebrated in India. Specially in Gujarat.

It is the festival of kites….weather feels breeze of wind…environment is full of happiness.  The sky takes on shades of orange during sunset , and gives us a hope that the sun will rise again …kites are like our dreams..which are thrown into the sky…by not knowing whether it will come back or its just starting of new life…..

Happy sankranti to all….



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Make the world a wonderful place to live….

cloake 1

We cloaked ourselves under the hood of kindness,

But you cannot hide your evilness from the God….

He always gives us better chances to be kind,

But we ….humans are silly….we always think…no one is observing us…

As we have cloaked ourselves under the hood of kindness,

But when it comes to our Karma…..that cloaked becomes useless….

Clearly it is our fate that everything lead up to…..

So we couldn’t avoid fate, but we could control the way to respond it.

Let’s throw that fake cloaked…..believe in our fate….

Do good things to others……..make the world a wonderful place to live…

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One India, Strong India, Better India, Where our future lies….!!!???

one IndiaToday, India is facing lot of trouble, whether it is dealt with other neighboring countries or with internal state problems, natural calamities or economical problems like demonetization and GST etc…, and achieving lot of success worldwide. In other words our country is changing, some might be consider these changes as a tidal wave but it always brings new opportunities with it.Now, in all these changes and problem, we are ignoring one biggest subject or better I should say it like puzzle…i.e. right of equality…right of equality in the field of education.

 The inequalities of our education system are all too glaring. Whether it is in terms of girl’s’ education or in terms of economical backward class. In India, the scenario is, only the children of doctors can become doctor because of lack of information on the particular field and too much high fees level to pursue particular course. Today I would like to focus on our education system’s equality in terms of caste and different fees slab for different caste. My intention is not to hurt sentiments of any caste group. I just want to deliver my views on this point. Why all the exemptions are for OBC and SC/ST…, starting from age relaxation to fees relaxation. Sometimes it feels like India itself in it has two sides like two countries.

What is their right as a human being…please give them but by giving them extra privileges. Government and  other legislature authorities just forget how they are snatching away and destroying  future of the General class students and by doing this they are being unequal to the General class which itself conflicting with the law introduce by them “RIGHT OF EQUALITY, RIGHT OF EQUALITY IN EDUCATION.”

Recently ,the supreme court has held that reserved candidates like SC/STs,OBCs can be provide age relaxation and fee concession for selection in government Jobs under general category even after the reserved quota has been filled.


What kind of a statement this is??? I mean if someone discriminate them on the basis of caste, color or untouchability…punish them it’s your right. But to give them extra preference over general class student!! Please ask yourself, are you doing justice??? Is it called justice??? Is it called equality on human grounds??? It is not anybody’s fault that he/she belongs to the general class. Being biased, government is giving punishment to general class students. It makes them feel offended. It’s their India also, don’t make them feel like they are outsiders. To have good intellectual skills than others is the natural gift and individual efforts, so please don’t give advantage to others by giving them perks in the name of law and socially backward class. Treat everybody equally. Their family is also earning in rupees and general class student’s family is also earning in rupees…so please have same fees structure….Just eliminate the exemption. Don’t make General class youth feels like they have made a big mistake by taking birth in a family which belongs to a general class. They are having so much of anger in their heart, please don’t make it happen to blow out it in uncontrollable way. Still it’s not too late. We can change our policy. You know one thing, by this laws, we are also promoting new scams. Yes, the scam of making fake certificates of SC/ST and OBC cast to avail some relaxation and exemptions.

Change always bring positive and negative effects.  India is changing, from digital marketing to demonetization to GST, and everybody has accepted all changes, I think more of in a positive way. I think people also want that they don’t get any Job or any education on the basis of their caste, they also want fair chance and healthy competition. By creating these kind of rule, we are separating India.

main-qimg-92523b06231603e1e4dade01190b8655-cI would like to request and I perceive not just me, many of us would like to request our Government and law authority, let’s just demolish the rules and laws which separates India on the basis of caste. We all are Indians. We are Independent now. People fought till their death to get this freedom which we are having now. We are so fortunate that we are living in the country like India where people together without being biased on caste and gender fought for the freedom. And how we are behaving after getting this freedom. We are again locking down the people, forcing people to being biased on the basis of caste by creating such laws and regulations. Actually we need law for gender biased society, if law is required, we need law for color biased society. Government should stop entertaining beauty products advertisement and people who are promoting such kind of advertisements. All are humans irrespective of their colors. Likewise humans are humans irrespective of their gender.

The good example of gender biased society is,… recently Pakistan defeated Indian cricket team in ICC tournament(Men), during the same period Indian women cricket team reached the semifinals in women’s world cup. Everybody noticed it and praised women’s team and criticized men’s team. But what if men’s team would not have been defeated by Pakistan…than I am sure nobody would focused on the winning of women’s team.


What I mean to say is, recognize everybody’s work, irrespective of their caste, gender and color. I think animals are living in a better society than humans’ because they are living together. They are not biased against caste, gender and color. India is the biggest democracy in the world. Please get rid of all such laws which creates two separate India. The law and help is required for the actually needy people who are financially week. Think about by what action and laws the economic inequality would be displaced.


We are living in 21st century and India is on the way of attaining the title of Super Power but still our roots are caught by these kind of short sighted mind sets.