Magic or Reality…..!!!


Who are the legends of 2017…???——-A scientist or A Saint!!!!!

Nobody understands logic,
And will never ready to accept the results of logic….

Everybody is interested in MAGIC….!!!

That’s why in our world….saints are more famous than scientist…!!!!!!!!!!

So now it’s high time for us to decide…

What we want..???
Magic or reality….what kind of legends we want…!!!???


Exceptional visit to a Garden…..

My daily routine includes to take my little princess to the garden during evening time.

It’s nearby my house and so many children are gathered and play there. My little one is so small so I have to be there with her everywhere.


I notice one thing which happens daily in the garden, When Ayaan comes to garden. All the children crowded near him and started laughing and dancing like anything…..and Ayaan enjoys it….he claps, take out his tongue, makes funny faces, he also wants to dance , but he can’t. I heard every day…children teasing him “Pagal…Pagal” (a mad Boy), and physical abused him….beating him…sometimes he gets hurt…and her mother always tries to stop them…but fail to do so and this discussion ends up with some mothers gang up against her and told her to leave the garden and saying that this place is not for her son….their sons get bad habits by seeing Ayaan…!!!! And so many such irrelevant things that as a mother I can’t tolerate for my child.


I don’t have any courage to ask her mother anything. But after some time I went to her mother and asked her that how can you tolerate such things against your child. She smiled and said it’s our punishment to live in this so called well-mannered society. I and my son is paying this to live our life.


By birth my son is exceptional from other children. Very few people accept exceptional children. Even initially my husband was not ready to accept his son ready to leave him with NGO. So many things she told me about her journey as a mother of an EXCEPTIONAL Child”

Everybody is avoiding her son, nobody comes to their house, if they call somebody for party….nobody goes, even no body invites them in functions and if invited they make sure that we will not go there with our son.

She firmly said that, “I am proud of my son and I will be always there for him, I will teach him and make him strong so that he can fight his own war in this exceptional society.”


My son is neither exceptional nor abnormal….In fact, daily he entertains people without charging any single penny. In real the society is mentally ill, they are not that wise so they cannot understand my son’s ability. They just taught their child and others to tease my son and enjoy it. When someone’s child tease my son and the group of mothers laugh out loudly….I smiled and thinks how mad these people are….only my son is a pure soul….he is God gifted to me…. I can proudly say that, “Yes, My son, Ayaan is an EXCEPTIONAL BOY.”


I am speechless. I asked myself…who is exceptional….Ayaan or the attitude of our so called society towards Ayaan?”

I salute to Ayaan’s mother…her thoughts, her strong determination…..her strong support to his son, I really…..

It’s high time now….we need to change our attitude towards the people whom our society call “exceptional people:


Tame the animal inside You….


A 7 year boy was murdered in school premises that to very known and well to do school……….news has shaken everybody….so many debates and discussion on that….I found people were saying …how can somebody do that to small kids….how disgusting….he is such an animal…….

Other case was within a week period there was a news about gang rape on a minor……again the news hits all mass medias….and again same expressions……….how can people do that…..what they have learn from their society….”they are animals….”….”even animals are better than humans…..”

Even I heard some people saying the, poor girl…poor boy….poor parents….I am lucky she was not my girl….I am lucky he was not my boy……My question is what if…if she/he would be your children???? Does it make any difference to the view point of society…..the only difference would be change of parents and children….

tame 3

Otherwise….same things would be repeated….some weeks or months of talking….High court….supreme court….then suddenly our legal system would be tired out…..people also get busy in their routine and forget about that incident….only their parent /their family can feel the loss and in deep anger because even they don’t have a right to get equal justice….

The list is never ending…whether it is 9/11 or 26/11, or 1993 blast, or 2006 riots……every time we are calling them “ANIMALS…..”

Sometimes it feels like we are insulting animals by this comparison….because we have never heard about forest riots….or animal rape cases or honor killing or animal trafficking  or domestic violence, physical abuse or dowry cases….the list is never ending…!!!!!

And the next day some other news get attention….people will start talking about it…they will find new animal in other incident and have a topic to discuss in office, breakfast table, lunch, dinner….get together….this is the routine of a normal dumb animal….called human

tme 2

There are so many such cases we witnessed in our daily life….

In fact though we are using, “Such an animal…” but we see more humans not animals in those incidents….!!!!!!!!!!!!   Isn’t it strange??????

I don’t know what to say…..but in one sentence I can end up with,



There is no word like Popular…

popular 5

“People are popular for being popular and for nothing else,
It will never last for a long and they are nothing again…”

popular 3

The Screen fell down,
Someone had laughed, someone had cried,
Someone become popular whereas some remain obscure,
The eyes had closed and shrouded the cuffs,
It was a nice play and the screen fell down,
And I reach the place where there is no word like popular….

popular 1

“Life is not about being popular,
It is all about being real, and touch the lives of others”

popular 4


4 stages of never ending circle of life….

circle 3

In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna had told Arjuna that our soul has to pass through 84,00,00,00 species in order to get a human body to live. Karma is considered to be so important in life — the amount of good deed you will do in life will decide what form of life you will be gifted in your next birth.

Since the birth till the end of our life…..that is graveyard….we are occupied with the series of Karmas…which I think would be the 5 stages of never ending circle of life. Even better I can say it like since the birth we are occupied with the chain of Karmas and rituals …..In the race of karma….even if a human is lying on the verge of death……but his needs and goals will always be immortal. Our life is a vicious circle of needs and expectations.

1. Childhood :
In today’s world, most of the children are under the stress of studies and expectations of outer world.
You might be wondering:
Everything is predefined by their parents and the outer world….What to wear, how to behave, what to eat, how to eat, when to sleep, what to play, whom to talk, even which subject they have to pursue… there is no word like child’s own wish…..everything will be controlled by parents and sometimes with the burden of control, child would be out of control ,by the time the child attains an adulthood, he already has become a warrior and ready to fight with the outer world. Is that a price which a child has to pay in the name of Karma!!!???

2. Adulthood :
In this stage of life, a person tries to keep balance between his career and getting settled down in life. To achieve his goals in his professional life ……he tries everything from hard work to no family life, politics to buttering his superiors….but at the end …his goals remains unsatisfied. Human tendency is always to look into others life and believe that their life is more happy than their and in doing this they forget to enjoy their own life. At the end, they fail to satisfy themselves, this continues to go on and they forget to enjoy their adulthood.

circle 4

3. Parenthood :

The most challenging and happiest stage of a person is Parenthood. In this stage a person enjoys mix feelings, sometimes parents feel that they have make a wrong decision of being parent and most of the time they enjoy with their child by regenerating their own childhood. But in today’s life it is very difficult to make balance between career and child’s upbringing. Sometimes parents fails to give some quality time to their child which psychological affects the child.

circle 2

4. Elder- hood :

In this stage , a person is more or less retired by most of his responsibilities and now he thinks that he could try to attain all his dreams which he could not have enjoyed because of his karma responsibilities in the previous stages. But due to extra stress which he had suffered from attaining the goals of previous stages, his body is not supporting him. Now he is caged by so many health issues so that he can no eat what he wants to eat, he cannot, climb the mountains, travel, some of his friends are not there to accompany him….so more or less he be alone at this stage and thinks about what he has achieved in life and this states that he is still not satisfied with the life.

circle 5

So this is the never ending circle of life. We all are caged in the act of Karma and in achieving that we forget to live our life and at the end when we have nothing, we think what the purpose of our life…is!!!!! And what we have achieved …but it does not that life is miserable, live your life at fullest, enjoy every second of your life…..don’t wait to celebrate big moments…..enjoy every small moments with your loved one….your family and friends… that ….at the end ….you never regret about your life.


Those witty moments….

witty 2

“Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing,
Except the fact that they are willing to figure it out happily together,”

My tears are always supported by our witty relationship,
It has special place in my heart,

It is the reason of my smile, for my weeping eyes,
Whenever you get time…please cage some of our witty moments in the prison of your life,

Wherever life takes us….whatever the circumstances are….
My life is always at its best when I spent some happy, small, witty, nameless moments with you….



Happiness is your own decision…

launch 2

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be”

Promise yourself that you will launch a new energy into your life….give yourself an assurance that you will surely launch happiness and build your passions around your life. Your life is biggest gift to you given by God. Even you don’t have a right to hurt yourself because God have launched you in this world. And God have launched you in this world with predetermined roles….which we called Karma.

launch 1

Everything we do in our life….even a small thing…is the life that we are creating for ourselves. Don’t blame others for your failures and your sadness…..You are the reason behind your happiness and success…..In this world, you are launched alone and again and again you would be relaunched by God according to your Karma.

It is up to you, how you want to launch your life…..

What is Happiness….??? It is your choice to live a life…..
Nothing is greater than happiness in one’s life….your success, love, money, family….all these feelings leads you to happiness.

launch 3

Life is very precious and we all are lucky that we get launched by God….
Fall in love with Happiness… fall in love with yourself,
When you stop waiting for happiness and make most of the moment happy that you are in now … surely you will achieve all the happiness in your life…


Does Coincidence Exist….????!!!

images naus3

When it comes to a word “Coincidence” how one can forget about the famous Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus, a French physician and astrologer who lived in the 16th century.

According to his followers, he predicted a lot of things that have actually happened in the last few centuries; including the Henry II,King of France,the fire of London, French Revolution, Emperor Napoleon, World war II and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power , 9/11 and so many.

He had also predicted about world war III.
He had predicted about Trump’s Presidential win,
whom he referred as “the great shameless, audacious bawler.”

His prophecies, which he wrote in four-line verse, are of course open to interpretation. Nostradamus completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries – groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains). A quatrain is simply a poem with 4 lines.

naus 2

The rhymed quatrains of Nostradamus were written mainly in French with a bit of Italian, Greek, and Latin thrown in. He intentionally obscured the quatrains through the use of symbolism and metaphor, as well as by making changes to proper names by swapping, adding or removing letters.

So…we are the most intelligent aliens of 21st century….how we can relate Nostradamus’s predictions….. ???!!!!

images (4

Are they all coincidences or he was person with some great powers who can see the future…???!!!

Does coincidence exists….????


Focus to see the light….


“When you fell like quitting,
Think about why you started”

Hello friends, today I want to share one of my favorite childhood story. The story is from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. This story is about Pandava brothers, their cousin brother Duryodhana, who hates his Pandava brothers, and their Guru (Teacher) Dronancharya. Dronacharya’s favorite student was Arjun….one of Pandava brother. Duryodhana could not understand why Dronacharya likes Arjun so much.

The Pandava brothers were known as warriors. One day, Dronacharya decided to take archery test and had tied a wooden bird to a tree branch. Dronacharya told his all students that they must aim at the Bird’s eye with their arrow.
The eldest brother Yudhisthira goes first, before aiming with his Arrow, Dronacharya asked him “Son what do you see?” Yudhisthira answered, “I see the Sky, and I see the tree and the Bird.”
The Guru asked Yudhisthira to sit back. Now it’s Bhima’s turn. Dronacharya asked the same question to Bhima,to which Bhima responded,” I see the tree, the branches, the leaves and the bird.” Dronacharya told Bhima to step back.
Elated at being given an opportunity to get the better of the Pandavas, Duryodhana went forward with his bow and arrow.

He focused on the bird easily and was about to pull back the arrow when Dronacharya called out. ‘What do you see son?

‘I see the bird, the tree and you sir!’ Duryodhana said still aiming at the bird. Dronacharya shook his head imperceptibly. ‘Don’t waste your arrow! Put down your weapon.’

Dronacharya called all the princes one by one and sent back all of them without firing a single arrow. The only one who remained were Ashwattama and Arjuna.

Ashwattama came forward as he took aim of the bird. ‘Tell me what you see son!’ Dronacharya asked a little fondly. After all Ashwattama was his own son.

‘Father, I see the bird…nothing else!’

focus 1

A hush fell among the princes as they heard the reply of Ashwattama. Dronacharya probed him further. ‘What else do you see about the bird?’

‘It is wooden, father!’

‘And its eye?’ Dronacharya asked raising his eyebrow in appreciation.

Ashwattama frowned looking at the bird. ‘I cannot see its eye properly father!’

Reluctantly Dronacharya told his son. ‘Put down your weapon Ashwattama!’

Now it’s Arjun’s turn. Arjun came forward with a quiet confidence. He was standing lightly and totally relaxed.

Dronacharya asked the same question to Arjun.

‘The wooden bird with its open eye sir!’ Arjuna said as he pointed his arrow at the bird. Dronacharya further asked him, ‘What else do you see?’

images fo2

Dronacharya shook his head in wonder. ‘Fire!’ No sooner had the words been uttered the princes watched as a wooden bird fell on the ground a hundred yards away with an arrow in its eye!

The Moral of the story is we should always focused on our target. If you are fully focused on your goals, you are the winner what you are after.


My Charming Planet….
I want a planet like a wonder…..I wish to have another earth…
I would name a new planet as charming earth,
On that earth, there would be space for every species,
No one will shattered anyone’s shelter,
I would like that people on the charming earth are happy with their life,
There is no disparity on the basis of caste, color, gender and money.
Where everybody can live freely beyond the boundaries of religion and countries,
Nobody is antagonist, and would never kill and had wars with each other –
For their own fake survival stories,
On my charming earth, people, on breakfast table would not discuss about different issues,
But they will have fun with family and have joyful talks,
On my charming earth, decisions’ would come our directly by heart,
On my charming earth, the types of languages would be:
Language of care, language of help, language of love, language of selflessness and language of share,
People can fly like a bird in the any corner of my charming earth,
In my charming earth, there is no space for mobiles, laptops, televisions and other technologies,
Earnings of people are enough to attain their needs,
Job timings and family timings are equally divided,
People are not so pioneering,
On my charming Earth, people are living around the nature,
Small houses, surrounded by the greenery,
Friends and family have daily gathering,
Nobody has to leave their family, friends for their survival….
In the morning, first thing I would like to see, the mountain peaks in the rising sun,
On my charming Earth, No scientist would able to reach the moon,
No one knows what really lies our there but just fantasied and making fairy tales about the Moon.
It is my dream planet, it is my Charming Earth…..


Happiness : Irrelevant….

old man

I waste my life like I have no time to be happy,
Than one day, I saw an old bagging for a bread,
After a struggle, he got some stale bread nearby dustbin…
He seems so happy that a tear fallen out from his eyes,
Then I realized that purpose of our life is not being happy,
Purpose of our life is to survive, to fight for our needs,
I realized that reality is not solacing, and it keeps me awake all night,
Thinking about why I am so worried about it….
So for me, happiness is irrelevant for seeking comfort in life.
Irrelevant: Happiness…!!!


One India, Strong India, Better India, Where our future lies….!!!???

one IndiaToday, India is facing lot of trouble, whether it is dealt with other neighboring countries or with internal state problems, natural calamities or economical problems like demonetization and GST etc…, and achieving lot of success worldwide. In other words our country is changing, some might be consider these changes as a tidal wave but it always brings new opportunities with it.Now, in all these changes and problem, we are ignoring one biggest subject or better I should say it like puzzle…i.e. right of equality…right of equality in the field of education.

 The inequalities of our education system are all too glaring. Whether it is in terms of girl’s’ education or in terms of economical backward class. In India, the scenario is, only the children of doctors can become doctor because of lack of information on the particular field and too much high fees level to pursue particular course. Today I would like to focus on our education system’s equality in terms of caste and different fees slab for different caste. My intention is not to hurt sentiments of any caste group. I just want to deliver my views on this point. Why all the exemptions are for OBC and SC/ST…, starting from age relaxation to fees relaxation. Sometimes it feels like India itself in it has two sides like two countries.

What is their right as a human being…please give them but by giving them extra privileges. Government and  other legislature authorities just forget how they are snatching away and destroying  future of the General class students and by doing this they are being unequal to the General class which itself conflicting with the law introduce by them “RIGHT OF EQUALITY, RIGHT OF EQUALITY IN EDUCATION.”

Recently ,the supreme court has held that reserved candidates like SC/STs,OBCs can be provide age relaxation and fee concession for selection in government Jobs under general category even after the reserved quota has been filled.


What kind of a statement this is??? I mean if someone discriminate them on the basis of caste, color or untouchability…punish them it’s your right. But to give them extra preference over general class student!! Please ask yourself, are you doing justice??? Is it called justice??? Is it called equality on human grounds??? It is not anybody’s fault that he/she belongs to the general class. Being biased, government is giving punishment to general class students. It makes them feel offended. It’s their India also, don’t make them feel like they are outsiders. To have good intellectual skills than others is the natural gift and individual efforts, so please don’t give advantage to others by giving them perks in the name of law and socially backward class. Treat everybody equally. Their family is also earning in rupees and general class student’s family is also earning in rupees…so please have same fees structure….Just eliminate the exemption. Don’t make General class youth feels like they have made a big mistake by taking birth in a family which belongs to a general class. They are having so much of anger in their heart, please don’t make it happen to blow out it in uncontrollable way. Still it’s not too late. We can change our policy. You know one thing, by this laws, we are also promoting new scams. Yes, the scam of making fake certificates of SC/ST and OBC cast to avail some relaxation and exemptions.

Change always bring positive and negative effects.  India is changing, from digital marketing to demonetization to GST, and everybody has accepted all changes, I think more of in a positive way. I think people also want that they don’t get any Job or any education on the basis of their caste, they also want fair chance and healthy competition. By creating these kind of rule, we are separating India.

main-qimg-92523b06231603e1e4dade01190b8655-cI would like to request and I perceive not just me, many of us would like to request our Government and law authority, let’s just demolish the rules and laws which separates India on the basis of caste. We all are Indians. We are Independent now. People fought till their death to get this freedom which we are having now. We are so fortunate that we are living in the country like India where people together without being biased on caste and gender fought for the freedom. And how we are behaving after getting this freedom. We are again locking down the people, forcing people to being biased on the basis of caste by creating such laws and regulations. Actually we need law for gender biased society, if law is required, we need law for color biased society. Government should stop entertaining beauty products advertisement and people who are promoting such kind of advertisements. All are humans irrespective of their colors. Likewise humans are humans irrespective of their gender.

The good example of gender biased society is,… recently Pakistan defeated Indian cricket team in ICC tournament(Men), during the same period Indian women cricket team reached the semifinals in women’s world cup. Everybody noticed it and praised women’s team and criticized men’s team. But what if men’s team would not have been defeated by Pakistan…than I am sure nobody would focused on the winning of women’s team.


What I mean to say is, recognize everybody’s work, irrespective of their caste, gender and color. I think animals are living in a better society than humans’ because they are living together. They are not biased against caste, gender and color. India is the biggest democracy in the world. Please get rid of all such laws which creates two separate India. The law and help is required for the actually needy people who are financially week. Think about by what action and laws the economic inequality would be displaced.


We are living in 21st century and India is on the way of attaining the title of Super Power but still our roots are caught by these kind of short sighted mind sets.