Magic or Reality…..!!!


Who are the legends of 2017…???——-A scientist or A Saint!!!!!

Nobody understands logic,
And will never ready to accept the results of logic….

Everybody is interested in MAGIC….!!!

That’s why in our world….saints are more famous than scientist…!!!!!!!!!!

So now it’s high time for us to decide…

What we want..???
Magic or reality….what kind of legends we want…!!!???


Theory of relationship…..

theory 2

Most of us…once in a life face the situation…that how can they save their relationship with their loved one..!!??? Aren’t we…???

In every relationship…two major aspects play major role. One is Want (expectation) and another one is curiosity (looking for surprises). When you look for beyond need, is called want. When you just want to try something for the sake of having an experience is called curiosity.

Want and curiosity don’t have any end. So the question is do we need to draw the line somewhere??

An incident that I heard, makes me very confused about need of any line in a relationship. Before this incident I always believe that there should be a line that we don’t have to cross for the sake of our relationship. But know after hearing one of my friend…my mind is surrounded by lots of questions….and I am finding a solution for it in the trap of relationship theory.

One of my friend is happily married (I have thought of) and it has been nine lovely years.

ry 1

One day I came to know that she is having an extramarital affair..!!!! And I was shocked..!!! Because I know her since my childhood….my mind is never ready to accept this kind of incident from my close friend.

I met her and asked her why you are doing so??? You both are the inspiration for other couples. If there is a problem….there would be solution….and I asked her that things can be worked out….please draw a line.

She told me that, “I have always wondered, why to draw a line?? Why can’t I look forward to fulfilling all my needs, all my wants and all my curiosities? What is the harm in doing so? After all, I have got only one life. Why not live it to the fullest?”

I directly asked her that, “do you have some morals or ethics in your life…?”
She said yes, but they are subjective in nature. One person’s right can be another person’s wrong. It depends how you interpret it. She said the problem is our perception of constraints in a marriage. It is very nature of the forbidden to appear sweet. It pains me to confine in a boundary. Why does a relationship tie a couple down and not set them free?? Why within a marriage do you have to compromise with your freedom that you used to cherish before getting married? Isn’t it suffocating that you could do so much before marriage, but not after getting married???

I asked her that if you loved your freedom so much than why got married??
She replied, I want marriage as well. I denounce the restrictive aspect of it and embrace the joy it brings. I want to enjoy the essence of a married life as much as I want to retain my freedom. I want to live my life with someone, grow old, with that someone…and have my kids with that someone. After a day’s work I want to come back home to someone and share my every day with him. I want all of that.

I must admit she is very honest and somehow she puts me in a situation where I would like to think by being her side.

But still…again I return back to my old theories and request her that if there is a problem, it can be worked out.

She calmly replied, “what if it can’t be worked out? What if it is not humanly possible to do so??

She continued our conversation by adding that, “I want him to take care of me like my mom used to do, at times financially supports me as my father used to do, have fun with me like my sibling used to have, become my best friend so that I can share my secrets with him. I want him to give me all that my entire surrounding used to give me. Besides, I also want him to be my lover as well. I want him to become a part of my identity, complete my social status, comfort me, become my emotional support, understand me, love me, drive me wild in bed…..what is he……A Superman??? Even a superman as a partner would not fulfill my contradictory expectations. When I want him to be familiar and yes mysterious. How is possible that my life is for one person only?? Where do we fit ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands in case of break ups and divorces?? What do we do with that space? Leave it empty, after they leave? Why do you think that being with someone outside marriage while being married is a crime?? Am I criminal to you??

And I have no answers to her questions….I met her with so many doubts within me….and I want to justification of those doubts….but in return…her theory of relationship makes me helpless with so many doubts….I am talking to my inner self and looking for the justification of those doubts…. May be on some big day I could have answers to all her questions and I could be able to prove her that my theory of relationship has more justifying values than her…!!!


Some Jolly times……

jolly 2

What else we want from a life….some jolly times…
And want to thank our life….!!!!

A cup of coffee….drizzling outside…
And a loving friend….!!!! What else we want from a life…..

A long drive on a never ending road…
Accompanied by a jolly song…!!!!
What else we want from a life….

A delightful evening….
A loving book…and just want to forget about the world….!!!
What else we want from a life….

A loving company…
A favorite taste…and a tasty food…..!!!!
What else we want from a life….

jolly 1

Faith over the years….
A favorite prayer…and a temple….!!!!
What else we want from a life….

Want to cherish my live in the presence of people whom we love…
And celebrate every emotions of our live…!!!
What else we want from a life….

A theater….popcorn in hands…
Watching my favorite superstar…!!!
What else we want from a life….

Celebrating favorite festival…with people we love…
Exchange of sweets …..With happy gestures…!!!
What else we want from a life….


You have given me everything…..still daily I am asking for irrelevant things….
Many a times I have complained about my empty pockets of my shirt…
But I have never thanked you for the heart beats you have given me,
Which beats behind that pocket…..!!!!

After a long run …gasping very fast …..
And if I can listen to my heart beats….
I want to thank you my life for everything given to me….!!!!!!!!!!


Black…color or curse…


Black…….it is just a color or a curse….!!!?????
Is it a beauty…or a nasty…???

When we saw so many colors on black canvas…..
It becomes beauty for the world…..
But at the same time a black face hides a beautiful heart….
In this case black becomes so prominent…..
That nobody could able to see the beauty of heart….

I think sometimes …the people with white face….
Having black heart….Black eyes…
They cannot see the real beauty….
Sometimes the thoughts came out from black heart…
Destroys a person…..they just enjoy their empty existence….

black 1

And in the shine of whiteness……they just lost the beauty of darkness…..
Nature has both….and both are equally important….
Both are important… should not forget that…
Light needs darkness to shine brightly….

We need shadow (Black) to protect ourselves from sunshine (White)…
We need protect our child from an evil eye….
Have you ever seen …starts….in the sunshine…???!!!
Every beauty needs black (darkness) to shine…..

Black is not a color….black is the beauty of nature….


I am just a wife and I faint…


Whenever I am managing household expenses….
I makes me feel like I am ruling a state…..

Whenever I am cooking in the Kitchen….
It makes me feel like I am the best chef in the world…

Whenever I am taking care of unwell in my family,
It makes me feel like I am the best doctor….

Whenever I am helping my kids with their studies,
It makes me feel like I am the best teacher…

Whenever I am helping my kids with drawings and crafts,
It makes me feel like I am the best artist…..

Whenever I am write down my heart on the paper….
It makes me feel like I am the best writer….

But whenever my husband came in front of me….
It makes me feel like I am only a Wife and nothing else…..
And suddenly all the tags which I have given to myself get faint…


That special neighbor….


Neighbor…..this word brings so many memories…..For me, it’s all about sharing your life and relationship with a person or a group of people to whom you trust…!!! It’s all about sharing your emotions with other whom you trust. Trust is very important…when you say that you trust someone…that means there is a very special bonding between you…. The birth of neighbor start within our own emotions…..

actually emotions cannot be dominated by rules. Everyone needs a true neighbor to discuss all their positive and negative emotions.

Whenever our mind experiencing something special , we need to expand our experience by sharing with others, that others can be a family, a friend or even someone closer…more special….

neigh 1

In the journey of sharing your emotions….your neighbor would become your family….by expressing the very strong emotion called love!!! Actually love is very basic emotion and one should draw it with respect and without being scared of getting hurt and the purpose should not be to hurt someone.

There are many of us who found our family in neighbor but very few of us would be lucky to get a chance to transform this journey. The neighboring relationships always starts with a smile, grows with sharing everything and completes with the sweet sound of silent understanding…..

So for me….my hubby was that special neighbor….with whom I share everything…and we have created our strong understanding and living as a happy family now….

So don’t wait for the opportunity….go and find out your special neighbor…..!!!


My life is not mine……..


You left me with all mystery…..
By ending the relationship…..
you made me courageous or left me to face the horror of my life…
You left me with all doubts ….
By ruined my trust….I just live with all misgivings…….

You left me with all gloominess…
You took my all hopes….and made my life fatal….

It is still a mystery…..
Where I will go in my life with sore memories……..
Which you have gifted me…….
It is still a mystery….
If you will never be mine….than why it makes me left with the feeling …..
That without you my life will not be a life at all….


Your friendship is priceless…..


How can I express our relationship….???
I don’t know you since long…..

But still you are my good friend….
How can I express our friendship….???!!!

You are someone very special…..
Who has change my life…by being a part of it….

When I wanted to share a secret….you are there….
The distance between you and me doesn’t matter….

I appreciate your efforts….it shows how much you care….
We don’t always agree on things….but at last….we make it right….

freinds 2

We both are having unbeatable understating of our differences…
May be with flow of time…you might go….

But you will always remain in my heart….
We all have that on special friends….

And we cannot express how important place he occupies in our life….
So I cannot be able to express my friendship….

But I think you are a wonderful friend….
And I feel very grateful to having you in my life….

freinds 1


Feeling lost….one precious breath….


God has given me two breaths…..

One you take away with you…one is still throbbing in my heart…
Sometimes I feel like you are somewhere here and watching me…..

love 1

I always feel your presence around me….
It always gives me the energy to live…..
It’s not our destiny to live together……
But there is always a special place for you in my heart…..

love 3

I never forget… committed we are to our relations….
No one can break our bonding…..Not even God….
Love is not all about being physical……it has been years…..
Still I can feel your presence by closing my eyes……
still i can feel how you used to touched me without your hand….
I fell in love with that way of touching….
You are always around me…..

love 4

When I feel lost….and about to cease my life..
You come and fly your breath which you have taken away with you…..
You are always been in my thoughts….even when I am not thinking…

Every even fall brings us together……
Every sundown brings all your remembrance…..more of our togetherness….
The promises we made…for our new life…for our future….

With every passing day….my love for you grow even stronger….
It has been years….you are not here….but still for me…
It’s all about yesterday’s talk….
I remember each and every single word you said to me….
I still remember the song we used to sing ….
we just have lived our life in that one song….

love 2

You want me to be strong….and want me to live happily…..
Today I need you the most….because I need that another breath of mine….
Feeling lost …..need some strength… attain some promises I made….
I know …you are with me…..just need to take a deep breath…….

Today I need that tight hug….which give me all the strength ….
so that I can attain that promise…
Please hold me…..and be with me……
Feeling that even fall…..which personify our togetherness…..

You always used to tell me…..that we will start our life….at place like heaven……..
You know what…..some people made this place like hell…..
you leave me and find a new place to live…heaven………….
you cheated me…..
But still you always give me strength to live this life……..

I cannot control what is written in our stars……
But my love for you is beyond the phenomenon of life and death……….
I always feel you around me……….because you have taken away my one precious breath…..
Never miss you…..because you are always there in my heart…..
It always feel like we are one life….living different lives….
you are there in heaven…..and I am here in hell……

Don’t forget to Express yourself….


In our day to day life….we are facing so many problems and we express our self differently….
In expressing ourselves, we forget to live our life….all depend upon how you tackle with the challenges in your life….is something missing in your life???How would you discover it???What problems would you face???How would you reacts to those problems???

1. Something was missing:

She annoyingly said, ‘This isn’t going anywhere’. My best friend said, ‘if I had been with you, sambhal leta yaar tere ko’. When I stepped into the corporate life, I have to earn courage to say goodbye to my father. I was told, ‘You have to walk alone. Be a man and manage yourself’. Then I realized that during the tough times, nobody stays. I had to take care of it all alone.

mital 2

Every day, People step into our lives, some will inspire and some will disappoint us. But, in either case, nothing lasts forever, and at the end, we are left all alone. But how do I walk alone amidst all the dust and troubles? I definitely need a companion, a friend who would be honest and never betray me. But I also need someone who would keep me busy and cheerful all the time, challenge me, and tell me to aspire and rise above all.

2. Discovered a friend in me myself:

‘The show must go on’, I keep telling myself, ‘no matter what I have to deal with’. I did what I liked to do. Anything and everything that kept me elated and busy. There were times I ran hard, when I was hurt. I lifted heavy, when I was dusted. I sang out loud, to speak out my heart. By doing so, I felt content which is extremely hard to be quantified in words. It was a kind of epiphany when I felt like doing what I loved to do. It really helped me. I thought about the sweet indulgences that kept me involved and rewarded me. This eased my heart and the more I did, I start feeling better. In addition, this indulgence, never asked anything in return. Astonishingly, how something can be so selfless, and so giving. I found a friend, I found my passion, my hobby . . . !! !

mital 4

3. Road blocks:

One question loomed over me: how to keep it going, so that we could nurture the friendship, make it even better?
Believe me, this friend of mine is really moody and stubborn. You really have to earn this friend. We always face challenges. Physically, mentally, sometimes socially as well.
I remember that fine evening, I loved the tiredness that I felt. It was like I had pushed myself to the limit. That feeling of contentment so overwhelming, so overpowering that it almost felt like an intoxicant. Hell, why ‘almost’? It did feel intoxicating. ‘Whom should I call to share this achievement of mine? My mind raced. ‘Okay, let me call Dad.’

‘Hi, Dad. So, I completed 31 rounds of the ground today. And you know what? Each lap measured 450 meters.’ With a tiniest hint of pride in my voice, I continued, ‘I got cramps, but it doesn’t matter!’ After an awkward pause, ‘Is this really necessary? Why do you keep dragging yourself for no reason?’ Did I feel disappointed? Yeah, sure. I mean, I would be lying if I didn’t. I hung up. Wasn’t Dad’s fault really. Different people, different expectations and this holds true for many parents. And hey! It’s absolutely normal.

mital 3

When I was a kid, I was told repeatedly, you will have to study hard to be an engineer, doctor or something that would make sure, you get your steady supply of bread and butter. What fascinated me, was cricket. Surprisingly, nobody considered this as a career option. Not everyone would like what you do! Sometimes, we feel a bit reluctant to work hard and sweat it out, may it be in the gym or on the ground. The important thing, and honestly the only thing that matters is, there has to be a sincere approach to whatever you do. That should be your only source of motivation. And once when you are on the right track, the reward will be yours to take.

Jordan Belfort once said, ‘The only thing between you and your goal is, the silly reason that you keep giving yourself why you can’t do it’. Attitude plays a pivotal role. Just hang on to it and the rest will fall in place. As they say, patience is the mother of all virtues.

4. It’s all gold, come on, chase it:

During my school days, I ‘tried to study hard’ as I had to, but it didn’t come to me naturally. This thing used to bog me down, and somewhere in my mind lurked the insecure thought, ‘I am not the best’. “People who top the class are born toppers and they are gifted”. But when I excelled (and was appreciated) in things I was good at, my spirits soared high. I chased it harder, since I liked it. It intrigued me time and time again, that the only person to whom I needed to prove, was myself. As a result of which, I started competing with myself and improved to a certain extent. I learnt to never doubt my own capabilities and kept on trying, as trying always yields. This attitude helped me in my studies, and in every other thing where self-doubt used to plague me. Earlier, I used to give up thinking that this isn’t my cup of tea. For me, the attitude that I developed was glittering gold.

When it comes to attitude, I remember what Harsha Bhogle once said, ‘Major part of excellence has nothing to do with talent, and when you go beyond a certain level, ability or talent is the most useless virtue to possess. It’s’’ what you do with the talent that matters. Talent always breathes ego. The work ethic and attitude plays a vital role.’

The best example he cited was of Sachin Tendulkar, who had played 55 matches as a 14 year old, without a break. For 55 days, he practiced for 2 hours, played a game and then again practiced for 2 hours. Can you believe that someone has done this for 55 days at a stretch? If the deciding factor here isn’t attitude, I seriously don’t know what it is!! It’s not only Sachin’s talent that has produced these 100 hundreds, it’s his work ethics, attitude and more than anything else, the passion to perform. Isn’t it inspiring!! When you perform or play a sport, you cannot hide yourself. You have to bring the best in you, as you are completely vulnerable before the crowd. To top it off, it’s real time!! Such situations bring out the real you, something you thought you never were.


So, in pursuing this life, we have lost it all. We have lost that spark which we had in us. Which would have yielded bigger rewards. We measure life in how much we earn and how much we have to spend. This thought of savings and spending is paralyzing, and honestly, where is it all headed to? But it’s never late. If you have that mettle in you, then go chase it and bring it out. Send the message out, clear and loud, that I rule my life and I know how to celebrate and make it worthwhile.


Lead your own Path….

brave 3

We are not brave enough to accept the truth….

We are not brave enough to walk our path as per our wish….we are always thinking what other would think about your actions…..we are always fearful….and most of the people hiding their real personality….actually it’s not their fault….our society is like this only….they have problem with everything….they not let a person be brave and free….


If a person is living his/her life on themselves…than society have a problem like….why she/he is wearing these type of clothes…???Why she/he is a single parent…???Why she/he is not living with her /his partner….???Why she/he is having relationship with other person….??? Why she /he is working….??? Why she/he is so bold…??? So in this situations…to stop the world talking about her/him…they choose not to be brave and they started living their life secretly… many people on the social media have their fake profiles and doing what they want to do….because they are not brave enough….they are very fearful …they are scared of society…
Society have always problem if a woman is working and man is being at home …they are pointing out and start giving their rubbish unwanted opinions…..and if man is working and woman is being at home….then also they are having problem…that why she is not going to job…???

From the childhood…we are stopping our kids to be brave….by saying don’t do this….you are good baby…don’t do dirty things….you may fall down…stop doing this….and so on….

brave 4

And see….we are here….at every age…we are thinking….what others will think….!!!???? If I wear this…if I drink…If I post this pic….If I smoke…If I say this…every time we are thinking of others…..and the people who lives on their own terms….who are actually brave….they have to fight to get their respect and dignity…….

I think it’s high time….now our society needs to be brave….they have to stop giving their unwanted opinions and stop interfering in others life….

brave 2

Be brave against crime….don’t scrutinize victims…..rather try that the corrupt will get punished….be brave against corrupt…..and fare to victims….. specially physically abused and rape victims….


Risk Ahead….!!!

risky 2

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even it is very risky to breathe outside…..
It may cost my health…..Mr. Pollution is there…..

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even it is very risky to drive a vehicle…..
It may cost my life….Mr. Accident is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to board a train….
It may cost my life……Mr. Terrorist is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to be alone and wear clothes of your choice….
It may cost my reputation….Mr. Rapist is there…..

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to speak a single word at my wish…..
It may cost so many eyes looking at me…..Mr. Human Right is there…..

risky 3

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even to do studies, go to schools and colleges,
It may cost my career…..Mr. Racism is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to attain office…..
It may cost your Job….Mr. Politics is there…..

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to deal with government official….
It may cost all my money….Mr. Bribe is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to meet new people and being with them….
It may cost change of myself…..Mr. Double face is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to maintain a relationship….
It may cost my breakdown….Mr. Ego is there….

The world is so beautiful…..and I love to explore it…..
But it is very risky to go outside…..
Even very risky to be at home alone…..
It may cost you madness…..Mr. Thought is there…..

risky 1

World is very beautiful place to live with lots of risk….
But I am a human… I am fearless…..I am a warrior….
I don’t care about risks…..and enjoy my life by exploring the world….!!!!


Just for a day…Cheat yourself….


Just for a day,
Cheat your brain…and be loyal to your heart….

Just for a day,
Cheat your ego….and be loyal to your relations…

Just for a day,
Cheat your health……and be loyal to your diet….

Just for a day,
Cheat your surroundings….and be loyal to the nature…

Just for a day,
Cheat your commitments…..and be loyal to your desire….

Just for a day,
Cheat your winning….and be loyal to your defeat…

Just for a day,
Cheat your laugh….and be loyal to your tears….

Just for a day,
Cheat your maturity…and be loyal to your inner child….

Just for a day,
Cheat your time…and be loyal to your near ones….

Just for a day,
Cheat your colleagues and boss…..and be loyal to your old friends….

Just for a day,
Cheat your journey….and be loyal to your paths….


Just for a day,
Cheat yourself…..and be loyal to your soul…..

Just for a day,
Cheat your life….and be loyal to your death…!!!


Every path in your life ascend to the mountain of your dreams…..

 ascend 1

Every path ascend to the top of the mountain.

When we are landed to this world……we are free as bird,

No criterion is created about how to success and failure….

Actual we all have taken birth as a human….

But human society has created so many guidelines about how to live a life…..

What is society???? A group of so called mature and successful people…!!!

Remember God has not created any boundaries or discrimination

or words like success and failure….

It is only us who created those parameters and discriminate people,

on the basis of success and failure….

And our society is pathetic…..

Even we do not hesitate to discriminate an infant,

who doesn’t  know where he or she is…..???!!!!!

Like if a child started speaking up early ,

another child from the same family does not start speaking up at the same age….

Than our so called society’s parameters started discrimination,

who is cleaver and who is dull….!!!???

ascend 3

Is that correct….??these are their parameters to judge a child’s cleverness…..!!!

Than a human has to bare this discrimination till the end of his / her life….

Studies, job, career, marriage, money, house, savings…..

At every stage of life either he is a big success or he is a big failure…..

I mean why we are not giving a person live his life with his own choice….!!!???

Someone wants to ascend in studies, someone wants to ascend in experiments,

Someone wants to ascend with nature, someone wants to ascend financially,

Someone wants to ascend socially, someone wants to ascend with fame,

someone wants to ascend religiously….and the ascending list is never ending…

as we all have different desires…..

ascend 2

someone become more popular as a richest person….

someone become popular as a socialist in our society….

And both are successful in their respective field …..

So there is no word like failure….

maybe you can use the word misfortune but not failure….

Because…..if you are passionate about what you are doing, you always get success….

Maybe it will take some time….like I said misfortune….

but walking to the same path gives you success

So every path in your life is ascend to the mountains of your dream……

just believe in yourself….believe in your dreams…..


She always Win….

succumb 1

Please stop covering your eyes to succumb your tears…..

Don’t care for them…if they are saying you are very difficult to understand,

See yourself from my eyes….you are very easy to understand,

They always try to control you…and forget to shower love on you….

I would like to say all….”just try to understand her…..

she will open her heart happily…..”

Just think about her…..she left her own family….

and decorated your life…..your family….

No one can be as selfless as her…..just try to accept, give her a tight lovely hug,

Don’t show her that she is your responsibility,

She don’t want palace to live….valuables to wear and delicious food to eat….

She just wants equality, self-respect, love and care……

Beautiful young lady smiling

Please don’t try to succumb her…..because she never get defeated by you….

She always win…..if you think you succumb her than also….think twice….

She always win….


Make the world a wonderful place to live….

cloake 1

We cloaked ourselves under the hood of kindness,

But you cannot hide your evilness from the God….

He always gives us better chances to be kind,

But we ….humans are silly….we always think…no one is observing us…

As we have cloaked ourselves under the hood of kindness,

But when it comes to our Karma…..that cloaked becomes useless….

Clearly it is our fate that everything lead up to…..

So we couldn’t avoid fate, but we could control the way to respond it.

Let’s throw that fake cloaked…..believe in our fate….

Do good things to others……..make the world a wonderful place to live…

<a href=””>Cloaked</a&gt;

10 Powerful Frauds….

cancer 11

Again we prove that we are super humans…..we can cheat anyone in this world….

Humans are the big fraud……and this time believe me you all will like this fraud…., you all will applaud for this fraud….you all will learn fighting spirit from this fraud……you all would like to salute these people …..these people cheated life…….and it’s their big achievement in world.

1. Sophia Anagnostou

2. Vicky Davis

3. Chrissy Dunn

4. Julie Genovesi

5. Aubrey Glencamp

6. Jane Johnson

7. Manbachi

8. Ravinia Miles

9. Shannon Miller

10. Michael Veltri

All these are the super warrior ….they all are cancer survivor…..they are the big frauds …..they all know what they want from their life….and with their boldness and firm determination….they achieved it….

Source : 10 Super survivor story…


Exceptional visit to a Garden…..

My daily routine includes to take my little princess to the garden during evening time.

It’s nearby my house and so many children are gathered and play there. My little one is so small so I have to be there with her everywhere.


I notice one thing which happens daily in the garden, When Ayaan comes to garden. All the children crowded near him and started laughing and dancing like anything…..and Ayaan enjoys it….he claps, take out his tongue, makes funny faces, he also wants to dance , but he can’t. I heard every day…children teasing him “Pagal…Pagal” (a mad Boy), and physical abused him….beating him…sometimes he gets hurt…and her mother always tries to stop them…but fail to do so and this discussion ends up with some mothers gang up against her and told her to leave the garden and saying that this place is not for her son….their sons get bad habits by seeing Ayaan…!!!! And so many such irrelevant things that as a mother I can’t tolerate for my child.


I don’t have any courage to ask her mother anything. But after some time I went to her mother and asked her that how can you tolerate such things against your child. She smiled and said it’s our punishment to live in this so called well-mannered society. I and my son is paying this to live our life.


By birth my son is exceptional from other children. Very few people accept exceptional children. Even initially my husband was not ready to accept his son ready to leave him with NGO. So many things she told me about her journey as a mother of an EXCEPTIONAL Child”

Everybody is avoiding her son, nobody comes to their house, if they call somebody for party….nobody goes, even no body invites them in functions and if invited they make sure that we will not go there with our son.

She firmly said that, “I am proud of my son and I will be always there for him, I will teach him and make him strong so that he can fight his own war in this exceptional society.”


My son is neither exceptional nor abnormal….In fact, daily he entertains people without charging any single penny. In real the society is mentally ill, they are not that wise so they cannot understand my son’s ability. They just taught their child and others to tease my son and enjoy it. When someone’s child tease my son and the group of mothers laugh out loudly….I smiled and thinks how mad these people are….only my son is a pure soul….he is God gifted to me…. I can proudly say that, “Yes, My son, Ayaan is an EXCEPTIONAL BOY.”


I am speechless. I asked myself…who is exceptional….Ayaan or the attitude of our so called society towards Ayaan?”

I salute to Ayaan’s mother…her thoughts, her strong determination…..her strong support to his son, I really…..

It’s high time now….we need to change our attitude towards the people whom our society call “exceptional people:


Tame the animal inside You….


A 7 year boy was murdered in school premises that to very known and well to do school……….news has shaken everybody….so many debates and discussion on that….I found people were saying …how can somebody do that to small kids….how disgusting….he is such an animal…….

Other case was within a week period there was a news about gang rape on a minor……again the news hits all mass medias….and again same expressions……….how can people do that…..what they have learn from their society….”they are animals….”….”even animals are better than humans…..”

Even I heard some people saying the, poor girl…poor boy….poor parents….I am lucky she was not my girl….I am lucky he was not my boy……My question is what if…if she/he would be your children???? Does it make any difference to the view point of society…..the only difference would be change of parents and children….

tame 3

Otherwise….same things would be repeated….some weeks or months of talking….High court….supreme court….then suddenly our legal system would be tired out…..people also get busy in their routine and forget about that incident….only their parent /their family can feel the loss and in deep anger because even they don’t have a right to get equal justice….

The list is never ending…whether it is 9/11 or 26/11, or 1993 blast, or 2006 riots……every time we are calling them “ANIMALS…..”

Sometimes it feels like we are insulting animals by this comparison….because we have never heard about forest riots….or animal rape cases or honor killing or animal trafficking  or domestic violence, physical abuse or dowry cases….the list is never ending…!!!!!

And the next day some other news get attention….people will start talking about it…they will find new animal in other incident and have a topic to discuss in office, breakfast table, lunch, dinner….get together….this is the routine of a normal dumb animal….called human

tme 2

There are so many such cases we witnessed in our daily life….

In fact though we are using, “Such an animal…” but we see more humans not animals in those incidents….!!!!!!!!!!!!   Isn’t it strange??????

I don’t know what to say…..but in one sentence I can end up with,