Every path in your life ascend to the mountain of your dreams…..

 ascend 1

Every path ascend to the top of the mountain.

When we are landed to this world……we are free as bird,

No criterion is created about how to success and failure….

Actual we all have taken birth as a human….

But human society has created so many guidelines about how to live a life…..

What is society???? A group of so called mature and successful people…!!!

Remember God has not created any boundaries or discrimination

or words like success and failure….

It is only us who created those parameters and discriminate people,

on the basis of success and failure….

And our society is pathetic…..

Even we do not hesitate to discriminate an infant,

who doesn’t  know where he or she is…..???!!!!!

Like if a child started speaking up early ,

another child from the same family does not start speaking up at the same age….

Than our so called society’s parameters started discrimination,

who is cleaver and who is dull….!!!???

ascend 3

Is that correct….??these are their parameters to judge a child’s cleverness…..!!!

Than a human has to bare this discrimination till the end of his / her life….

Studies, job, career, marriage, money, house, savings…..

At every stage of life either he is a big success or he is a big failure…..

I mean why we are not giving a person live his life with his own choice….!!!???

Someone wants to ascend in studies, someone wants to ascend in experiments,

Someone wants to ascend with nature, someone wants to ascend financially,

Someone wants to ascend socially, someone wants to ascend with fame,

someone wants to ascend religiously….and the ascending list is never ending…

as we all have different desires…..

ascend 2

someone become more popular as a richest person….

someone become popular as a socialist in our society….

And both are successful in their respective field …..

So there is no word like failure….

maybe you can use the word misfortune but not failure….

Because…..if you are passionate about what you are doing, you always get success….

Maybe it will take some time….like I said misfortune….

but walking to the same path gives you success

So every path in your life is ascend to the mountains of your dream……

just believe in yourself….believe in your dreams…..


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