10 Powerful Frauds….

cancer 11

Again we prove that we are super humans…..we can cheat anyone in this world….

Humans are the big fraud……and this time believe me you all will like this fraud…., you all will applaud for this fraud….you all will learn fighting spirit from this fraud……you all would like to salute these people …..these people cheated life…….and it’s their big achievement in world.

1. Sophia Anagnostou

2. Vicky Davis

3. Chrissy Dunn

4. Julie Genovesi

5. Aubrey Glencamp

6. Jane Johnson

7. Manbachi

8. Ravinia Miles

9. Shannon Miller

10. Michael Veltri

All these are the super warrior ….they all are cancer survivor…..they are the big frauds …..they all know what they want from their life….and with their boldness and firm determination….they achieved it….

Source : 10 Super survivor story…


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