Exceptional visit to a Garden…..

My daily routine includes to take my little princess to the garden during evening time.

It’s nearby my house and so many children are gathered and play there. My little one is so small so I have to be there with her everywhere.


I notice one thing which happens daily in the garden, When Ayaan comes to garden. All the children crowded near him and started laughing and dancing like anything…..and Ayaan enjoys it….he claps, take out his tongue, makes funny faces, he also wants to dance , but he can’t. I heard every day…children teasing him “Pagal…Pagal” (a mad Boy), and physical abused him….beating him…sometimes he gets hurt…and her mother always tries to stop them…but fail to do so and this discussion ends up with some mothers gang up against her and told her to leave the garden and saying that this place is not for her son….their sons get bad habits by seeing Ayaan…!!!! And so many such irrelevant things that as a mother I can’t tolerate for my child.


I don’t have any courage to ask her mother anything. But after some time I went to her mother and asked her that how can you tolerate such things against your child. She smiled and said it’s our punishment to live in this so called well-mannered society. I and my son is paying this to live our life.


By birth my son is exceptional from other children. Very few people accept exceptional children. Even initially my husband was not ready to accept his son ready to leave him with NGO. So many things she told me about her journey as a mother of an EXCEPTIONAL Child”

Everybody is avoiding her son, nobody comes to their house, if they call somebody for party….nobody goes, even no body invites them in functions and if invited they make sure that we will not go there with our son.

She firmly said that, “I am proud of my son and I will be always there for him, I will teach him and make him strong so that he can fight his own war in this exceptional society.”


My son is neither exceptional nor abnormal….In fact, daily he entertains people without charging any single penny. In real the society is mentally ill, they are not that wise so they cannot understand my son’s ability. They just taught their child and others to tease my son and enjoy it. When someone’s child tease my son and the group of mothers laugh out loudly….I smiled and thinks how mad these people are….only my son is a pure soul….he is God gifted to me…. I can proudly say that, “Yes, My son, Ayaan is an EXCEPTIONAL BOY.”


I am speechless. I asked myself…who is exceptional….Ayaan or the attitude of our so called society towards Ayaan?”

I salute to Ayaan’s mother…her thoughts, her strong determination…..her strong support to his son, I really…..

It’s high time now….we need to change our attitude towards the people whom our society call “exceptional people:


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