Most Genius Person in the World…..

genius 3

When I see the word genius….I started thinking about all the genius people in the world….scientists, doctors, engineers, philosophers, painters, teachers, authors, sport persons…..never ending list…

Then I give a thought, whom I consult in every problem….who understands me by not saying a single word, who knows…what I want, what I feel, what I do, in short who knows everything about my life and always there to guide me in all my problems…..and believe me the answers I get is always the best….
Does anybody know who that person is?? Everybody have that special genius person in their life….

Yes…..I am talking about MOTHER….

genius 4

Mother is the phenomenal creature of God. She has answers of all your questions regardless of any subject. She knows all your secrets. She is the only person who can solve your problem with the best possible solution.

Every mothers has super powers and no one can understand it….at least until you turn into mother yourself. She is magical….her IQ level is exceptional.

genius 2

Mother doesn’t need any qualification degree to become genius…..she becomes genius at the time when she started her journey as a mother.

Think about those critical times of your life in which you only wants to consult with your mother.

Your mother knows yourself better than you…since your birth. When you are in pain and not have learned to speak….she is the only one who understands your sign language….your gesture ….everything….she is directly connected to our heart and brain.


“Thousands of educated people cannot take place of one illiterate mother….”

Everybody has a secret genius in their life….called Mother….

Mummy you are the best… are super genius….

Love you Mummy…..


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