Modernity: an appearance or a thought…

fashion 2

This word describes a lot…… is very big word… big that suddenly a powerless woman seems so powerful lady to the world: “Modernity: an appearance or a thought…”
This word is so strong that it can hide every single pain and all wounds behind it………

When she enters in the party all…..everybody’s eyes get stuck on her…..she looks stunning in her stylish attire…..her make up…..her style….she entered the room with his husband….when I asked my friend about them…..then she told me that….both husband and wife are the models by profession. And their career as a model is on the peak. People are also talking that they both are the perfect couple and they have very modern and fashionable lifestyle.

I liked her a lot and heard all the positive talks about the couple. As a teenage girl….I want to be like her, a fashionable girl… I followed her to the terrace… first I am surprised that why she is going to terrace but then I feel that may be she wants some alone time.

Suddenly she turned and looked at me….I was very nervous…what to talk…she is having cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in other hand…like a heroine in the movie….I told her that I like the way she carries herself and I want to be like her….fashionable lady and a super model….she gave me a loud silly laugh….and I get confused….that why she is laughing so much??…..

She started her story…..she told me that her so called modern and fashionable life style is a way of hiding her traumatic life….she told me that her so called modern husband beats her daily and to hide her wounds and injuries she has to wear that heavy makeup and fake laugh on her face. …..she told that behind her sparkling life there is a hidden grief and she has to face this daily….because she is addicted to fame….and for that fame …..She choose to live this miserable …fashionable life.
I am blank……

She smiled and asked me about my parents….. I asked that my mother is a teacher by profession and my father is a manger in a private company. She asked me, “is my mother is a fashionable woman?” without any delay…..I answered …No, she is old fashioned lady…..she asked me , “ do my parents fight with each other. …and does my father beats my mother?” I answered. Yes they argue on some points but I didn’t see my father being rude to my mother….In fact he respects her a lot and loves her unconditionally, I continued ….that after 33 years of marriage life….still my father brings my mother’s favorite sweet on the day of his salary….

She asked me,” why I called my father and mother an old fashioned?” I told her that they have no sense trending fashion , my mother doesn’t like make up…even she don’t use nail paints or lip stick….my father is very simple….a common man . She asked me, “Are your parents giving you so much of stress to follow their methodology?” I answered, No….they never stops me….they are being very nice to me….in fact they are the best parents in the world….they don’t interior in my life….they never stopped me dreaming about anything….instead they are always there to fulfill all my dreams.’
She come closer to me and said that “You are very lucky to have such kind of person in your life.”

She asked me last question, “What do you mean by word ‘FASHIONABLE’……a person with lots of make up his body…pretending to be the happiest and luckiest person in the world…..but very miserable and alone inside or a person for whom fashion is to be happy and having modern thought in his mind….?”

“A person becomes fashionable with his/her attire and looks or by his/her thoughts???”

I have no answer for this question….and that lady in the modern attire taught me the biggest lesson of life…

fashion 1


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