We cannot deny…….


During the hours of darkness…..you cannot deny the hope of sunrise…,

If life exits…..than one cannot deny the truth of death…,

If you say life is easy….than you cannot deny,
the hardness hide behind the easiness of life,

Point out someone’s mistake is very easy…,
but you cannot deny the toughness of accepting your own mistake,

You have live every path of your life happily…,
but you cannot deny it is a harshness of grief which taught you to live a life…,

You know that world is full of kindness……,
but you cannot deny that your life is most affected by the little of viciousness,

If the passion is to love….and death is to hate,
than you cannot deny that death is a truth and love is fiction…,

May be your life is full of well-wishers and friends…..,
but you cannot deny enmity in your life…,

May be you have achieved everything in life and you are a famous personality,
But you cannot deny the place of loneliness—-emptiness in your life…,

You can act like a free bird,
but you cannot deny how much you are confined…,

Your life is all about struggle…,
but you cannot deny existence of harmony in your life…,

No matter how many time you say” it doesn’t matter…..
but you cannot deny that it matters a lot every single time…,

NO matter how much you believe in science….,
but you cannot deny that you can’t be free from superstitions,

No matter how much good deed you do…,
but you cannot deny your sins….

Ship of our life lives in a big bottle of denial…….



2 thoughts on “We cannot deny…….

  1. meghasworld October 4, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    Awesome post.Shared on my facebook page as I cant find the link to reblog it.


    • aashmi7416 October 8, 2017 / 6:26 am

      thank you so very much….you words means a lot to me…..


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