Two sides of Interest… and lost….

How interesting my life is when I see you,

I feel that there is a special room for love in my life.

You give me everything, love, happiness, real reason to live my life,

We have share every path of our life happily….

and how many storms we have faced, we are always together,

at every phase of our life ….in every situations, we have become profound,

with the passing time….when you became my obsession ….I don’t know,

one day you leave me…….the reason behind it—that

I have never understand you….

I have never care for your feelings,

I know you have try to make me understand,

But it’s too late and I am not worth your forgiveness,

I remember that at each step of our relationship,

You were so selfless and I became so selfish,

You have live our relationship…..and I have ruined it,

Now I realized what I have lost in my life,

You take away my life from me….

I can say…..I have lost my life….I am a living dead…

I have lost interest in my life….



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