Happiness is your own decision…

launch 2

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be”

Promise yourself that you will launch a new energy into your life….give yourself an assurance that you will surely launch happiness and build your passions around your life. Your life is biggest gift to you given by God. Even you don’t have a right to hurt yourself because God have launched you in this world. And God have launched you in this world with predetermined roles….which we called Karma.

launch 1

Everything we do in our life….even a small thing…is the life that we are creating for ourselves. Don’t blame others for your failures and your sadness…..You are the reason behind your happiness and success…..In this world, you are launched alone and again and again you would be relaunched by God according to your Karma.

It is up to you, how you want to launch your life…..

What is Happiness….??? It is your choice to live a life…..
Nothing is greater than happiness in one’s life….your success, love, money, family….all these feelings leads you to happiness.

launch 3

Life is very precious and we all are lucky that we get launched by God….
Fall in love with Happiness… fall in love with yourself,
When you stop waiting for happiness and make most of the moment happy that you are in now … surely you will achieve all the happiness in your life…


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