Focus to see the light….


“When you fell like quitting,
Think about why you started”

Hello friends, today I want to share one of my favorite childhood story. The story is from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. This story is about Pandava brothers, their cousin brother Duryodhana, who hates his Pandava brothers, and their Guru (Teacher) Dronancharya. Dronacharya’s favorite student was Arjun….one of Pandava brother. Duryodhana could not understand why Dronacharya likes Arjun so much.

The Pandava brothers were known as warriors. One day, Dronacharya decided to take archery test and had tied a wooden bird to a tree branch. Dronacharya told his all students that they must aim at the Bird’s eye with their arrow.
The eldest brother Yudhisthira goes first, before aiming with his Arrow, Dronacharya asked him “Son what do you see?” Yudhisthira answered, “I see the Sky, and I see the tree and the Bird.”
The Guru asked Yudhisthira to sit back. Now it’s Bhima’s turn. Dronacharya asked the same question to Bhima,to which Bhima responded,” I see the tree, the branches, the leaves and the bird.” Dronacharya told Bhima to step back.
Elated at being given an opportunity to get the better of the Pandavas, Duryodhana went forward with his bow and arrow.

He focused on the bird easily and was about to pull back the arrow when Dronacharya called out. ‘What do you see son?

‘I see the bird, the tree and you sir!’ Duryodhana said still aiming at the bird. Dronacharya shook his head imperceptibly. ‘Don’t waste your arrow! Put down your weapon.’

Dronacharya called all the princes one by one and sent back all of them without firing a single arrow. The only one who remained were Ashwattama and Arjuna.

Ashwattama came forward as he took aim of the bird. ‘Tell me what you see son!’ Dronacharya asked a little fondly. After all Ashwattama was his own son.

‘Father, I see the bird…nothing else!’

focus 1

A hush fell among the princes as they heard the reply of Ashwattama. Dronacharya probed him further. ‘What else do you see about the bird?’

‘It is wooden, father!’

‘And its eye?’ Dronacharya asked raising his eyebrow in appreciation.

Ashwattama frowned looking at the bird. ‘I cannot see its eye properly father!’

Reluctantly Dronacharya told his son. ‘Put down your weapon Ashwattama!’

Now it’s Arjun’s turn. Arjun came forward with a quiet confidence. He was standing lightly and totally relaxed.

Dronacharya asked the same question to Arjun.

‘The wooden bird with its open eye sir!’ Arjuna said as he pointed his arrow at the bird. Dronacharya further asked him, ‘What else do you see?’

images fo2

Dronacharya shook his head in wonder. ‘Fire!’ No sooner had the words been uttered the princes watched as a wooden bird fell on the ground a hundred yards away with an arrow in its eye!

The Moral of the story is we should always focused on our target. If you are fully focused on your goals, you are the winner what you are after.


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