My Charming Planet….
I want a planet like a wonder…..I wish to have another earth…
I would name a new planet as charming earth,
On that earth, there would be space for every species,
No one will shattered anyone’s shelter,
I would like that people on the charming earth are happy with their life,
There is no disparity on the basis of caste, color, gender and money.
Where everybody can live freely beyond the boundaries of religion and countries,
Nobody is antagonist, and would never kill and had wars with each other –
For their own fake survival stories,
On my charming earth, people, on breakfast table would not discuss about different issues,
But they will have fun with family and have joyful talks,
On my charming earth, decisions’ would come our directly by heart,
On my charming earth, the types of languages would be:
Language of care, language of help, language of love, language of selflessness and language of share,
People can fly like a bird in the any corner of my charming earth,
In my charming earth, there is no space for mobiles, laptops, televisions and other technologies,
Earnings of people are enough to attain their needs,
Job timings and family timings are equally divided,
People are not so pioneering,
On my charming Earth, people are living around the nature,
Small houses, surrounded by the greenery,
Friends and family have daily gathering,
Nobody has to leave their family, friends for their survival….
In the morning, first thing I would like to see, the mountain peaks in the rising sun,
On my charming Earth, No scientist would able to reach the moon,
No one knows what really lies our there but just fantasied and making fairy tales about the Moon.
It is my dream planet, it is my Charming Earth…..


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